Benefits of Cloud

Using the cloud provides your company a strategic advantage

  • Cutting costs - Reduction of any cost within a company either that be of organizational or technical nature. By leaving the administration cost of an already optimal infrastructure to the cloud, there is direct expense cutting in electricity and manpower handling IT equipment.
  • Layered architecture - The detailed design and expertise applied on the architecture of the cloud which can be tailored to one's needs, is plug and play and extendable to any degree possible (IaaS,PaaS,SaaS).
  • Offloading traffic - Can handle vast amount of internetworked traffic, thus improving the content distribution of your applications online and perform better than most applications.
  • Upscaling your applications - When deploying a cloud based app, it is accessible -by default- from many internet endpoints sending data from both services and local application of multiple corporations.
  • Distribution across borders - The cloud-based approach in designing both web applications and services, extends an application's reach worldwide. Management of access control and embedded security features make it easier than before to create any web app in a cross-organizational -and- cross-nation manner.
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