Microsoft Power BI

business analytics directly on the cloud
We provide a wide range of services on Microsoft's Power BI platform whilst engaging in business consultancy activities related to Power BI proper usage and configuration. At the same time setting a high-standard on developing scalable business applications built around the BI product's technical features. The business analytics-per-service capabilities of the MS business integration platform can be embedded directly into any kind of software we bring into the market.

About Microsoft Power BI

    It is the main product for online business data analytics and integration services that is currently provided by Microsoft’s suite of Business Analytics tools. Also provided as-a-Service via Power BI Services can be effectively embedded onto any existing system to enhance current reporting capabilities or even provide a generic approach to how a company’s information is handled and viewed by multiple departments.

    Either the data flows through excel files, raw format or via an external web service, Power BI on the cloud can handle that load of information effectively and in a seamless way providing the appropriate insights to your business. Apart from that, Power BI Desktop application allows to template your reports which will be then updated on real-time in the cloud.