Types of Cloud Computing

Which are the different types of cloud computing?

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service refers to the underlying -usually on lease- hardware infrastructure that a cloud based provider (eg: azure, amazon) has to offer. Each infrastructure part is segregated as a software component that is accessed and charged on demand. This makes IaaS part of cloud providers very popular for creating test environments and web hosts on the fly for both production environments and demos.

Platform-as-a-Service represents the underlying OS -and related software- as virtualized resources that an existing cloud-based IaaS extends from. PaaS resources are accessible and spread across a single piece of infrastructure. Commonly used for handling day-to-day development and distributing software development team operations across the globe, while at the same time providing business insights through the appropriate channels (eg: DevOps statistics, Analysis services).

Software-as-a-Service is the topmost level of a cloud based provider's architecture. It corresponds to the pluggable software architecture that can be accessed through the underlying services that include the widely accessible and extended software off-premise. Using SaaS enables ease of using self-hosted cloud applications from our existing client environment.  Some examples of SaaS are - Office 365, Hotmail, Gmail.