Diangle Vision

Our Vision

The company's main vision is to enhance the current cloud market with our high-end products for web applications architecture and business continuity.

We are envisioning on providing innovation and full flexibility on most cloud based solutions out there, but keeping security under consideration. Driven by the current market's -and business clients- needs we want to take cloud based services to a whole new level and prove that desktop and web based applications can co-exist seamlessly in any type of infrastructure.

We hope that our vision of the future in IT will bring about the well needed changes to the way that things work in technology.

Diangle Mission

Our Mission

Mission of Diangle Solutions Ltd. is to enhance the technology of web apps on-premises and off-premises for our entire client base.

Based on Microsoft technologies background and with a main focus on automation of processes we aim to continuously provide and implement solutions that are fast and resilient for any kind of ITC infrastructure. As a provider of our own software platforms, improvement and maintenance is a must on our end and this is achieved in collaboration with a strong support base and wide range of software products. Goal-driven with our current clients IT needs in mind, we create a wide area of high-quality applications on the current azure services that our company provides.

We continue on our efforts for non-stop improvement of our services and hoping to include you as a part of our clientele some day.